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News Archiv

Galenus Workshop

2015/03/02: Scientific Consilience at the Galenus Workshop.

TrueSet 4.5 is out

2014/11/18: The new version of TrueSet is now used for evaluations.

PharmaForum 2014

2014/11/03: Scientific Consilience is exhibitor at the exhibition PharmaForum 2014.

SC has moved

2014/09/01: Scientific Consilience has moved.

Legal form change

2014/03/25: Scientific Consilience changed its legal form.

TrueSet 4.0 is out

2013/12/03: The new version of TrueSet is now used for our evaluations.

STEP Award 2013

2013/09/11: Scientific Consilience is among the top 20 candidates for STEP Award 2013.